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Dispatch outsource

Having a proper dispatch service greatly increases the effectiveness of your trucks. But maintaining an entire department is costly, and finding the right staff takes time. You can save both your money and your time by using this service. Our team of professional dispatchers will manage everything remotely, greatly increasing the income of your company.

Price: 3.5% from gross

Safety documentation

This service helps trucking companies create and maintain their safety documentation, including safety policies and procedures, driver training materials, and compliance records. This is needed to efficiently deal with troubles when they arise and prevent audits from FMCSA.

Price: $200

Insurance coverage

We will help you to obtain the right insurance coverage to protect their assets and comply with regulations. Our specialists will consult you on the available options and offer the best set of policies according to your company’s needs.

Price: $200

Factoring company set-up

This service helps trucking companies set up factoring, which is a financial transaction where a company sells its accounts receivable to a third party at a discount. Our team will do everything for you, making the whole process much faster and easier for you.

Price: $150

Fuel cards

Our company offers you fuel cards that give a 70 cent per gallon discount on most of the fuel stations. This can greatly reduce your fuel costs, allowing you to spend the money on developing your company. Fuel cards are a deciding factor in your company’s success, especially when you take the rising fuel prices into account.

Price: $100

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