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MC with 100% Amazon Relay Performance. Recent changes to the onboarding rules and the harsh safety standards of Amazon made it real difficult for new authorities to obtain access to the Relay App

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We can help your business by providing an MC authority with all the necessary accesses and a clean perfect record on Amazon Relay

As a carrier, you can book and haul loads in a few ways:


You can fill up your vehicle’s availability for weeks to months in advance and lock in guaranteed hauls and revenue through short term contracts with Amazon.

Post availability:

You can post availability of your trucks in a region and Amazon will match loads available loads. It is particularly efficient to maximize revenue on way back and LTL trips.

Relay Load Boards:

You can pick loads from Amazon’s exclusive loads board based on your region. This operates like traditional load-boards; however, the app offers transparent pricing and no minimum load requirements with real time confirmations and notifications making it particularly efficient.

If you are an owner operator or an established fleet, having access to Amazon Relay gives you the necessary flexibility to get loads at your pace, chose the best rates and increase your cashflow on the go. 

If your account has been suspended or you are unable to gain access to the board due to your MC’s safety records then we are here to help.

What is included

  • Clean MC/DOT number with high productivity rates
  • LLC/INC registration under the existing MC/DOT number, or transition of the old LLC/INC to the client
  • An EIN number for a registered person
  • The most money-saving variant of virtual (or physical) address from Regus Management Group and the mail forwarding system set-up
  • Transition of MC/DOT numbers, according to all the regulations from the FMCSA
  • Filing of BOC-3, UCR, and other necessary forms
  • Amazon relay access
  • The best insurance support

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