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TruckStaff Solutions offers a hassle-free Insurance Service tailored to your specific criteria. No more complicated processes, just straightforward insurance solutions that meet FMCSA requirements.

Here’s a short guide to our service:


Why Choose Our Insurance Service?

Vital for Operations:

Ensure that you receive payment for your successful deliveries with our reliable factoring service.

Amazon Compliance:

Most factoring companies require a 3% rate. We offer you a 1.9% rate which scales depending on your fleet size.

Broker Approval:

Speed up your cash flow with instant payments from our factoring company, streamlining your earnings.

Safety Net:

We take the burden of payment collection off your shoulders, reducing the risk of non-payment from brokers.

What We Offer

Trusted Insurers:

We work with reputable insurers, including Progressive, Canal, Cover Whale, Star Mutual, National Continental, and more.

Tailored Coverage:

Our insurance packages include Minimum Auto Liability, AMZ Coverages, Trailer Interchange coverage, Cargo coverage, Physical Damage coverage, and other essential requirements.

How much time does it take?

It highly depends on the insurance company

Progressive – 1 day

Other companies – 2-4 weeks

You also need to take the document gathering into account, which may take from 1 to 7 days.



Explore our safety documentation services!

Safety is paramount in the trucking industry. With the help of our service, you will stay compliant at all times!

Here’s what included in it:

Company Driver Agreement (percent/ per mile): 

Our professionally crafted agreements detail compensation structures, fostering transparent communication between your company and its drivers.

Independent Contract Agreement with OO and CD and LO:

Tailored to your specific needs, these independent contract agreements address owner-operators, company drivers, and lease operators, promoting a unified and accountable work environment.

Clearinghouse Consent:

Clearinghouse Consent: Stay compliant with the latest regulations by utilizing our clearinghouse consent service, which ensures you meet all legal requirements related to driver qualifications.

Penalty Schedule:

Our penalty schedule outlines clear consequences for any non-compliance or safety violations, helping you maintain a disciplined and safe fleet.

PSP Disclosure:

Ensure transparency in your driver hiring process with our Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) disclosure service, allowing you to make informed decisions based on a driver’s safety history.

Safety Performance History:

Access the detailed safety performance history of drivers, empowering you to make sound hiring decisions and enhance your fleet’s overall safety.

Driver Employment Application Form:

Our customized driver employment application forms facilitate the hiring process, collecting essential information to assess driver qualifications.

Escrow (optional):

Secure financial transactions with our optional escrow service, providing peace of mind and ensuring that financial agreements are met.




Founded in 2019 by Tim Mirzaev, a seasoned transportation entrepreneur, our agency brings over 50 years of collective industry expertise to your service. With a track record of 2000+ satisfied clients, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for startup trucking ventures, small to medium companies, and investors interested in the transportation sector. Our proven strategies, systems, and experienced team ensure your success from launch to expansion. Join us to navigate the trucking industry with confidence.

Meet the people behind TruckStaff Solutions

Timur Mirzaev
Timur Mirzaev
“The foundation of successful business is relationships and service. At TruckStaff Solutions, we are always happy to offer you top-notch service!”

Founder of TruckStaff Solutions. Entrepreneur, owner of 5 major trucking companies in the USA and Uzbekistan.
Over 10 years of experience in the industry. Knows everything about starting a trucking business from scratch and maintaining positions during crises, including through fuel cards.
Rob Samoiloff
Director of Growth
Rob Samoiloff
Focused on growth, intersection of product development, business development and marketing, customer lifetime value (LTV)
Elzoda Mardonova
Customer Manager
Elzoda Mardonova
Responsible for customer’s lifecycle with our company by creating positive experiences in customer acquisition, customer conversion, customer retention and customer service
Emma Parker
Marketing agent
Emma Parker
With a passion for connecting with clients, she’s a pro at handling inquiries. Emma is the bridge that ensures seamless communication and a positive experience. Her commitment to serving our clients shines through in every interaction!
Peter Ankit
Customer Success Manager
Peter Ankit
“Nothing is impossible”

Responsible for taking care of customer cases and successful completion of projects
Ibrat Zokirov
Sales Representative
Ibrat Zokirov
Responsible for customer relationship, advertisement on different platforms arid finding clients
Nilufar Muftullaeva
Legal Counsel
Nilufar Muftullaeva
“May the law be with you.”

Responsible for drafting contracts, legal support for the entire duration of the transfer.
Ali-Askar Makhmutov
Marketing Analyst
Ali-Askar Makhmutov
Responsible for studying market conditions to assess the potential sales of products and services

Reviews from our clients

Jacob Moor
TruckStaff Solutions insurance made getting coverage for my trucking company easy. Their team was helpful and explained everything clearly. Now, I feel confident that my business is protected. Highly recommend!
Emily Winters
I’ve been in trucking for a while, and TruckStaff Solutions offers good insurance at fair prices. They helped me find a policy that fits my budget.
Patrick Wells
I’m happy with TruckStaff Solutions insurance. Their coverage options are good, and their claims process is easy. Now, I can focus on my business without worrying about risks.
Matthew Martinez
TruckStaff Solutions offers great insurance at a good price. Their team is friendly and helped me find the right coverage. Great work, guys!
Mia Walker
Getting insurance with TruckStaff Solutions was easy. Their team was nice and helped me understand everything. Now, I can run my business without stress.
Benjamin Taylor
TruckStaff Solutions made getting insurance for my trucking company simple and straightforward. Their agents were friendly, knowledgeable, and took the time to understand my specific needs.
Ryan Smith
I’ve been a loyal customer of TruckStaff Solutions for years, and they’ve never let me down. Their insurance coverage is reliable, and their team is always there to assist with any questions or concerns.
Ethan Brown
As a small trucking business owner, finding affordable insurance without sacrificing coverage is crucial. TruckStaff Solutions offers exactly that. Their rates are reasonable, and their policies provide comprehensive protection. Definitely a smart investment for any trucking company!
Daniel Williams
I recently had to file a claim with TruckStaff Solutions, and I was impressed by how quickly they handled it. Their claims process was efficient, and they kept me updated every step of the way.
Joshua Garcia
From start to finish, my experience with TruckStaff Solutions insurance service was nothing short of excellent. Their team was professional, efficient, and went above and beyond to ensure I had the coverage I needed. I’ll definitely be recommending them to my colleagues.
Jason K.
This insurance thing really helped me out! They got tons of coverage options, and the rates ain’t half bad. Thumbs up from me:)
Emily W.
Been using this insurance service for my trucking gig, and it’s been a lifesaver. Their coverage options are solid, and they make everything super easy. Definitely recommend.
Nathan S.
Couldn’t decide on insurance for my fleet, but these guys made it simple! Their coverage options are great, and they really know their stuff.
Sofia B.
Impressed by the range of insurers these guys work with. Feels good knowing I’m covered by the best. Definitely worth checking out.
Carlos R.
Been with this insurance crew for a while now, and they’ve been fantastic. Got my back covered, and their service is top-notch.
Elena M.
Big shoutout to this insurance team for their help. They made everything so easy, and their coverage options are just what I needed. Give ’em a try if you need help with coverage.

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