Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery of services.
LEF Trucking Company LLC - Truckstaff

LEF Trucking Company LLC

I wanted to thank you for your cooperation! We launched the company, connected the owners, started work, and I also recommended your company to my friends).

I wish you further success.

Chase Towing LLC - Truckstaff

Chase Towing LLC

Three months ago, with your help, we opened a company from scratch. There is a crisis now, but we are not in the red. We continue to work and now use your dispatcher services. We hope for a long cooperation.

Crabtree Trucking LLC - Truckstaff

Crabtree Trucking LLC

Yes, I was satisfied with your services. You’ve found insurance for me at the best quota, for which I am grateful to the insurance department, well done guys!I wish only prosperity to you and your company!

FLC Transport LLC - Truckstaff

FLC Transport LLC

Thank you for your help, now I am using your safety outsourcing services and I am very satisfied. Good luck.

Midnight Express LLC - Truckstaff

Midnight Express LLC

I use your dispatch and accounting services. Always in touch, responsible guys. Good luck.

B&K Specialized Inc. - Truckstaff

B&K Specialized Inc.

I want to thank your team for your work! We already thought that we would not be able to get an Amazon account, you guys are great! Real professionals in your field! Good luck!

Ajoda Transport LLC - Truckstaff

Ajoda Transport LLC

Thank you for your hard work, we have fully launched the company. Already in the process of buying a truck! We wish you only prosperity in your business!

Grooze Way LLC - Truckstaff

Grooze Way LLC

I bought an aged MS from you two months ago, I have already made a net profit, the market is a little weak now, but I think the market will stabilize in the fall.


Winner Express Inc. - Truckstaff

Winner Express Inc.

I want to express my gratitude to the Truck staff solutions team! With your help, I bought an active company with experience. I had doubts about the correctness of the choice, since the previous owner might have had some debts. But your employees provided me with full information and gave me the DOT number of the company so that I could check all the company's data myself. Thank you for your promptness!

Truckspace LLC - Truckstaff

Truckspace LLC

I would like to thank you and your team for your professional work! We started a company from scratch and got a contract with Amazon in just a month and a half! Your employees immediately answered all my questions that arose in the course of work. One more question. I need another company, can we start the process in the next few days?

Shohrux Annayev - Truckstaff

Shohrux Annayev

Excellent customer service! Whenever I needed something, they were there for me. Thank you, team TruckstaffSolutions!

Alina Tryndokhir - Truckstaff

Alina Tryndokhir

Fantastic company! Excellent customer service and an efficient process. Thank you, Emily!