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We are 100% trucking industry focused consultancy team offering full-scale solutions, time-tested expertise and support to startup trucking businesses, small and medium trucking companies, trucking entrepreneurs and investors interested in transportation industry.
You won't find another trucking consulting firm like us!

Our core competencies

You are a startup trucking company
Our team will help you set up and automate your back office operations, so you can focus on your main goal
You're an investor or entrepreneur interested in trucking, we are your team!
We sell build-for-you trucking businesses!
You are already in trucking
We can help you with your next stage growth goals


"No matter what freight market you operate in, someone is always moving freight. Someone is providing solutions to their customers, and someone is acquiring your market share," Mirzaev said. "Business is earned every single day, regardless of how many shipments you have done in the past. We help our clients with solutions and products that are tested in all types of markets and work every time."
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"Building a successful trucking business from scratch takes time, usually from a year to two years. A brand new trucking business is often in a limbo or chicken-or-egg situation. As a new entrant to this field, most brokers are reluctant to give you business; it's hard for you to attract high-quality drivers and back-office talent and retain them," Mirzaev said. "This is where we come in to help. We sell Built-for-You custom-made trucking businesses with 5, 10, 20 or more trucks, as well as all back-office systems and customer relationships set up and ready to grow."
Owner - Truckstaff

Timur Mirzaev

Owner of company Truckstaff
Timur Mirzaev - Truckstaff
Owner - Truckstaff

Our Products and Services In a Nutshell

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New company set up from scratch
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Acquiring a company aged authority and Amazon Relay
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Dispatching and Update services set up
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Acquiring companies with aged authority and business history
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Built for You Trucking Business With Active Trucks and Drivers
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Set up with factoring company
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Safety and Fleet systems set up
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Competitive Fuel cards and Fuel Rebates for trucking fleets
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Assistance to obtain competitive insurance rates
Trucking business

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