About company

Truckstaff Solutions is a trucking industry consulting agency with a major focus on carrier companies and truckload businesses. The company was established in 2019 by a serial transportation industry entrepreneur Tim Mirzaev and his team with more than 50 years combined industry experience.

We help you with tools to start and launch a successful trucking business, build effective systems and procedures with the right, money saving and resultful strategies, training and building a high-performance and experienced back-office team to support your trucking operation, scaling the trucking business properly and fast.

Trust us as we know what we offering. We have been in the trucking business for eight years
We don’t get paid by hour, we get paid for our experience and knowledge

We offer full-scale solutions, tested and effective expertise and support to startup trucking businesses, small and medium trucking companies, trucking entrepreneurs and investors interested in transportation industry. As part of such focus, we also acquire, develop and sell trucking businesses to entrepreneurs, investors and business acquisition groups.

We can help you with

Preparing DOT programs
We can also help you with preparing your required DOT programs, safety documentation and getting the best deals and discounts from the largest companies in the trucking industry.
Creating and acquiring MC and DOT
We also assist our clients with setting up their new MC and DOT authorities, acquiring existing and aged authorities and preparing a built-for-you turnkey trucking business for you with operating drivers and trucks. To date we have helped more than 2,000+ clients.
Acquiring MC/DOT
We offer you aged MC/DOT numbers, each of which comes with 2 years of experience and clean safety history. These numbers will eliminate all of the problems that the new MC/DOT number owners meet on the daily bases. Passed New Entrant Audit, discounts on insurance, more work from brokers – all that and more, with our Aged MC/DOT.
Establishing a company
Our Turnkey Company service will allow you to get a fully-functional trucking company in the US. You will not only get the material support, like trucks, drivers, back-office staff, fuel cards and other necessary things, but you will also get access to our training program, which will give you the knowledge and skills to operate the company even with no previous knowledge of the industry.
Setting up a factoring service
We will set up a factoring service with our trusted partner, operating on the market for more than 20 years. Not only will you get a stable income for your company, but you will also receive one of the best rates on the market – only 1.9%, which scales with the number of your trucks.
TruckStaff Solutions offers a hassle-free Insurance Service tailored to your specific criteria. No more complicated processes, just straightforward insurance solutions that meet FMCSA requirements. And no unnecessary policies – our insurance is tailored to the needs of your business.
Company Setup
Setting up a new trucking company involves a series of critical steps to ensure legal compliance and operational readiness. TruckStaff Solutions simplifies this process, offering support in various aspects. From registering LLC to completing forms – we will help with the entire process.
FMCSA compliance
Ensuring compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a vital component of running a trucking company. TruckStaff Solutions provides a range of FMCSA-related services to keep your business in good standing.

Safety Set-Up Service our company provides:

Opening MC Authority
Price: $300
Handling Safety Documentation.
Our safety documents meet all required FMCSA and legal standards and protect you from any legal action
Price: $500
Set-Up with Factoring company 24% discount from average market rate
Price: $300
Electronic Collection Providers Accounts with Elite pass, I-pass or Prepass
Price: $200
Broker Relationship Consultation–consultation with the experienced dispatcher
Price: $200
Insurance Quote Support – 4 different insurance agents who can get the best quote for you with unlimited growth option
Price: $300
TMS Set-Up (ITS Dispatch, ProTransport, PCS etc) – Training videos and phone call consultation on how to use the software
Price: $500
Virtual Office Set-Up – Office registration, establishing the mail forward service to the required address
Price: $200
GPS Tab Set-Up–17% discount from average market rate
Price: $200
Amazon Set-Up
Price: $100
Fuel cards with 20 cents per gallon rebate
Price: FREE!