Scaling Your Trucking Business

Turnaround and Scale Your Small Trucking Business and Prepare It to Become 100+, 200+, 300+ and more trucks Transportation Player!


Are you a small trucking company owner or manager with a fleet size ranging from 10 to 50 trucks? Perhaps you are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to expand your trucking operations but facing roadblocks along the way. Our “Scaling existing trucking business” service is tailored for:


Small Business Owners:

Owners of trucking companies with a fleet size of 10-50 trucks who aspire to grow their operations sustainably and strategically.



Visionary entrepreneurs in the transportation industry aiming to scale their trucking businesses and tap into new markets.



Operations managers tasked with optimizing efficiency, overcoming growth challenges, and positioning their companies for long-term success.



Emerging trucking startups seeking guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of scaling up their operations.


Mid-Sized Companies:

Trucking companies with moderate fleet sizes looking to make the leap to a larger-scale enterprise while maintaining profitability and competitiveness.


Strategic Planners:

Individuals responsible for strategic planning within trucking companies, focused on achieving growth targets and maximizing operational performance.

What You’ll

When you partner with TruckStaff Solutions, you’re not just aiming for growth; you’re positioning your trucking business to become a formidable player in the industry. Here’s what you can achieve through our “Scaling existing trucking business” service:

Substantial Growth:

Transform your small trucking operation into a robust enterprise with a fleet size of 100+, 200+, or even 300+ trucks. We’ll work closely with you to develop scalable strategies that fuel your company’s expansion.

Market Expansion:

With a larger fleet and enhanced operational capabilities, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new markets, expand your service offerings, and reach a broader customer base. Our expertise can guide you in seizing these growth opportunities effectively.

Potential for Big Gains:

One of the key benefits of scaling your trucking business is the potential for significant financial gains. Our service equips you to make strategic decisions that could lead to selling your business for a substantial eight-figure or nine-figure sum in the future. Whether you choose to remain privately owned, explore private market sales, or go public with an IPO, our guidance ensures you’re well-prepared for a lucrative exit strategy.

Operational Excellence:

As your fleet grows, maintaining operational excellence becomes paramount. We’ll help you optimize workflows, streamline processes, and implement best practices to ensure your business operates efficiently at scale.

Competitive Advantage:

By scaling your operations intelligently, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the market. You’ll be better equipped to handle larger contracts, offer competitive pricing, and deliver exceptional service, enhancing your reputation and attracting more business opportunities.

In summary, our service is not just about growth; it’s about unlocking the full potential of your trucking business, achieving remarkable scale, and positioning yourself for significant financial success, whether through sustained growth or a strategic exit strategy.

What’s Included in Our Services

Comprehensive Business Assessment

A thorough evaluation of your current business operations and growth challenges.

Identification of key areas for improvement and growth opportunities.

Customized Strategies and Action Plans

Tailored strategies and action plans designed to align with your specific business goals and objectives.

Actionable steps to overcome operational hurdles and achieve scalable growth.

Implementation Support

Hands-on support to implement necessary changes, including restructuring systems, teams, KPIs, and targets.

Guidance on optimizing workflows and processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Access to Industry Experts

Collaboration with industry experts who bring valuable insights and experience from large transportation companies.

Benefit from their knowledge and best practices to drive sustainable growth and success.

Contract Negotiation:

Leave the negotiation of initial contracts with major shipping lines in our capable hands, ensuring favorable terms and conditions for your business.

IT Integration:

We’ll handle the setup and integration of IT systems and software with carriers and customs authorities, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange.

Continued Support and Guidance

Ongoing support and guidance throughout the scaling process to reach a fleet size of 100+, 200+, or 300+ trucks.

Exploration of potential outcomes, such as remaining privately owned, selling to private investors or equity buyers, or going public with an IPO.

Engagement with Experts

Engagement with independent experts and specialists from TruckStaff Solutions to ensure a holistic approach to scaling.

Regular monitoring, analysis, and adjustments to strategies for optimal performance and desired outcomes.

How It Works: Step-by-Step Plan

Initial Consultation:

We kickstart the process with a comprehensive assessment of your business needs, growth objectives, and challenges.

Our experts delve into understanding your unique requirements and aspirations for scaling your trucking business.

Customized Strategy Development:

Based on the initial consultation, our seasoned team crafts a tailored plan specifically designed to propel your trucking business towards scalable growth.

The strategy encompasses actionable steps, timelines, and milestones crucial for achieving your expansion goals.

Implementation Support:

Moving forward, we provide hands-on support in implementing the recommended strategies.

This includes assistance with restructuring processes, conducting targeted team training programs, and setting up robust performance tracking mechanisms.

Continuous Monitoring:

We believe in proactive management, which is why we continuously monitor and evaluate progress.

Regular reviews allow us to make necessary adjustments, fine-tune strategies, and ensure that your business stays on track towards meeting its objectives.

Achievement of Goals:

Through our collaborative efforts, your trucking business reaches its target fleet size and experiences tangible operational improvements.

Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to explore strategic options for further growth and success, such as market expansion or potential partnerships.

Are you ready to take your trucking business to new heights? Contact us today for a personalized consultation and embark on your journey towards scalable growth and increased profitability!


Founded in 2019 by Tim Mirzaev.

A seasoned transportation entrepreneur, our agency brings over 50 years of collective industry expertise to your service. 

With a track record of 2000+ satisfied clients.

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for startup trucking ventures, small to medium companies, and investors interested in the transportation sector. 

Our proven strategies, systems, and experienced team ensure your success from launch to expansion. 

Join us to navigate the trucking industry with confidence.

Meet the people behind TruckStaff Solutions

Timur Mirzaev
Timur Mirzaev
“The foundation of successful business is relationships and service. At TruckStaff Solutions, we are always happy to offer you top-notch service!”

Founder of TruckStaff Solutions. Entrepreneur, owner of 5 major trucking companies in the USA and Uzbekistan.
Over 10 years of experience in the industry. Knows everything about starting a trucking business from scratch and maintaining positions during crises, including through fuel cards.
Rob Samoiloff
Director of Growth
Rob Samoiloff
Focused on growth, intersection of product development, business development and marketing, customer lifetime value (LTV).
Emily Smith
Project manager
Emily Smith
Responsible for project implementation, supervision and coordination, increasing effectiveness and professionalism of employees that results to positive experiences in customer acquisition.
Dora Collins
Insurance and HR specialist
Dora Collins
Purchasing insurance for the companies from the agency or the insurance company itself: Handling any insurance issues, Creating Safety Documents for Drivers, Trucks and Company, Hiring Drivers for the turnkey companies (Check MVR, Quote, Make Drug test appointment), Opening Drug test account, Opening Drug Random Test account.
Lila Muf
Legal Counsel
Lila Muf
“May the law be with you.”

Responsible for drafting contracts, legal support for the entire duration of the transfer.
Ann Parker
Safety Manager
Ann Parker
Safety documents and operations, getting all necessary permits and devices, legal documentations
Ace Joestar
HR Specialist
Ace Joestar
Responsible for finding truck drivers for trucking companies, maintaining, and consulting them.
Isaac Moon
Accounting Manager
Isaac Moon
Accounting, Opening bank accounts, Trainings in accountings.
Oscar Max
Factoring Representative
Oscar Max
Responsible for factoring agreements, working with customers and providing them with useful information
Alex Walker
Safety Agent
Alex Walker
Works with FMCSA, Ryder account (documentation, contracts with them, etc.)
Emma Parker
Marketing Agent
Emma Parker
With a passion for connecting with clients, she’s a pro at handling inquiries. Emma is the bridge that ensures seamless communication and a positive experience. Her commitment to serving our clients shines through in every interaction!

Reviews from our clients

Sarah J.
I own a small trucking company, and it was tough to make it bigger and handle all the problems. But TruckStaff Solutions changed everything with their “Scaling existing trucking business” service. They checked my company carefully and made a plan just for me. With their help, my company grew a lot and became much better. I recommend TruckStaff Solutions to any trucking company that wants to get bigger and better!
Rashid M.
TruckStaff Solutions helped my trucking business a lot with their scaling service. They looked at my company, made a plan, and helped me put it into action. Now my company is bigger and works much better. If you want your trucking business to grow contact them!
Jordan F.
If you have a small trucking company and want to make it bigger, TruckStaff Solutions is the way to go! Their scaling service is fantastic. They make a plan just for your company and help you make it happen. My clients have used their service and seen amazing results. TruckStaff Solutions is the best choice for growing your trucking business!