Trucking MBA Program

Learn the Secrets of Successful Trucking Business Management


Are you a small trucking company owner or manager with a fleet size ranging from 10 to 50 trucks? Perhaps you are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to expand your trucking operations but facing roadblocks along the way. Our “Scaling existing trucking business” service is tailored for:


By joining our Trucking MBA Program, you’ll not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills and real-world insights that empower you to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the trucking industry.


Young Entrepreneurs:

Gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in trucking business management from industry experts.
Learn how to launch and scale your own trucking business with confidence.
Access resources and guidance to navigate the complexities of the trucking industry successfully.


Recent College Graduates:

Bridge the gap between theoretical education and practical application in the trucking sector.
Acquire hands-on experience and insights into effective business strategies specific to trucking.
Enhance your career prospects and unlock opportunities for leadership roles in the industry.


Passionate Business Enthusiasts without Formal Education:

Receive specialized training and mentorship to kickstart your journey in the trucking business.
Develop a strong foundation in business management principles tailored to the trucking industry.
Gain the confidence and knowledge to compete and succeed in the dynamic trucking market.


Seasoned Professionals Seeking Career Growth:

Expand your expertise and stay updated with the latest trends and strategies in trucking business management.
Acquire advanced skills in strategic planning, financial modeling, and leadership essential for senior roles.
Position yourself as a valuable asset in the industry and unlock new opportunities for professional growth.


Newcomers with a Drive for Success:

Receive personalized guidance and support to navigate the complexities of starting a trucking business.
Learn from real-world examples and case studies to make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.
Accelerate your learning curve and fast-track your path to becoming a successful trucking entrepreneur.
The Trucking MBA Program is designed to cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and mentorship needed to excel in the competitive world of trucking.



Comprehensive Business Management Knowledge:

Gain a deep understanding of trucking business principles, including logistics and fleet management strategies.


Guidance for Launching and Growing Your Business:

Receive hands-on advice for successfully launching and expanding your trucking company, covering regulatory compliance and competitive positioning.


Step-by-Step Business Planning Assistance:

Get expert help in creating a detailed business plan, including financial modeling and budgeting tips.


Expert Pitching and Partnership Advice:

Learn how to craft compelling pitches for investors and secure strategic partnerships, with insights into negotiation and risk management.


Hands-On Support for Implementation and Launch:

Access personalized support to execute your business plan and launch operations smoothly.


Ongoing Consultations and Growth Strategies:

Stay connected with industry mentors for continuous guidance on scaling and innovating your trucking business.

By joining our Trucking MBA Program, you’ll not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills and real-world insights that empower you to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the trucking industry.

What’s included in our service?

Theoretical Foundations

  • Delve into strategic planning, operations management, financial principles, legal considerations, and marketing strategies tailored to the trucking industry.
  • Gain insights into optimizing operations, managing finances effectively, and understanding legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Learn customer acquisition strategies and how to position your trucking business competitively in the market.

Practical Resources

  • Access a range of practical resources including models, manuals, and templates to support your learning and future business operations.
  • Utilize these resources to implement strategies, make informed decisions, and drive growth in your trucking business.

Business Planning and Execution

  • Develop a detailed business plan customized to your trucking business goals, incorporating strategic insights gained from the theoretical foundations.
  • Create accurate financial models to forecast growth, profitability, and potential investment returns.
  • Learn effective pitching techniques to communicate your business idea to potential investors and secure partnerships.
  • Receive guidance on negotiating partnerships, securing investments, and navigating the complexities of business execution.
  • Implement your business plan under expert supervision, ensuring a smooth and successful launch of your trucking company.

How It Works: Step-by-Step Plan


Register for the Trucking MBA Program by filling out our online enrollment form.

Gain instant access to our comprehensive learning materials, including lectures, resources, and practical tools.

Theoretical Learning

Engage in interactive lectures led by experienced instructors who specialize in trucking business management.

Dive deep into the theoretical foundations of the trucking industry, covering strategic planning, operations management, financial principles, legal considerations, and marketing strategies.

Business Planning

Collaborate closely with our experts to develop a customized business plan that aligns with your trucking venture’s goals and objectives.

Utilize advanced tools and techniques to create accurate financial models, forecast growth, and optimize profitability.

Pitching and Partnering

Learn essential pitching techniques and strategies to effectively communicate your business idea to potential investors and partners.

Receive guidance on negotiating partnerships, securing investments, and structuring deals that benefit your trucking business.


Receive hands-on support from our team during the implementation phase of your business plan.

Get expert advice on overcoming challenges, making strategic decisions, and ensuring a smooth and successful launch of your trucking company.

Post-Launch Support

Benefit from ongoing consultations and guidance as you navigate the post-launch phase of your trucking business.

Receive tips, best practices, and recommendations on scaling, expanding, and further developing your business in the competitive trucking industry.

How It Works: Step-by-Step Plan


Founded in 2019 by Tim Mirzaev.

A seasoned transportation entrepreneur, our agency brings over 50 years of collective industry expertise to your service. 

With a track record of 2000+ satisfied clients.

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for startup trucking ventures, small to medium companies, and investors interested in the transportation sector. 

Our proven strategies, systems, and experienced team ensure your success from launch to expansion. 

Join us to navigate the trucking industry with confidence.

Meet the people behind TruckStaff Solutions

Timur Mirzaev
Timur Mirzaev
“The foundation of successful business is relationships and service. At TruckStaff Solutions, we are always happy to offer you top-notch service!”

Founder of TruckStaff Solutions. Entrepreneur, owner of 5 major trucking companies in the USA and Uzbekistan.
Over 10 years of experience in the industry. Knows everything about starting a trucking business from scratch and maintaining positions during crises, including through fuel cards.
Rob Samoiloff
Director of Growth
Rob Samoiloff
Focused on growth, intersection of product development, business development and marketing, customer lifetime value (LTV).
Emily Smith
Project manager
Emily Smith
Responsible for project implementation, supervision and coordination, increasing effectiveness and professionalism of employees that results to positive experiences in customer acquisition.
Dora Collins
Insurance and HR specialist
Dora Collins
Purchasing insurance for the companies from the agency or the insurance company itself: Handling any insurance issues, Creating Safety Documents for Drivers, Trucks and Company, Hiring Drivers for the turnkey companies (Check MVR, Quote, Make Drug test appointment), Opening Drug test account, Opening Drug Random Test account.
Lila Muf
Legal Counsel
Lila Muf
“May the law be with you.”

Responsible for drafting contracts, legal support for the entire duration of the transfer.
Ann Parker
Safety Manager
Ann Parker
Safety documents and operations, getting all necessary permits and devices, legal documentations
Ace Joestar
HR Specialist
Ace Joestar
Responsible for finding truck drivers for trucking companies, maintaining, and consulting them.
Isaac Moon
Accounting Manager
Isaac Moon
Accounting, Opening bank accounts, Trainings in accountings.
Oscar Max
Factoring Representative
Oscar Max
Responsible for factoring agreements, working with customers and providing them with useful information
Alex Walker
Safety Agent
Alex Walker
Works with FMCSA, Ryder account (documentation, contracts with them, etc.)
Emma Parker
Marketing Agent
Emma Parker
With a passion for connecting with clients, she’s a pro at handling inquiries. Emma is the bridge that ensures seamless communication and a positive experience. Her commitment to serving our clients shines through in every interaction!

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