MC/DOT Authority

Purchase an established MC/DOT Authority. Bypass the usual troubles new trucking companies face every day by purchasing an aged authority.

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We offer a wide range of MC authorities with a history of at least 2 years and a clean record. The importance of maintaining a clean authority cannot be understated.

Our team will take care of the legal aspects of the transfer.

Here is quick rundown on why an aged MC authority is worth so much and how it helps business get much better loads and insurance rates compared to brand new authorities:

New MC

Initial Investment

$300 across states

Insurance rates

Higher insurance rates for new MC authorities and CDL holders. Harder to find affordable insurance quotes.

Brokerage Rates

No hauling records puts new authorities lower on the Internal Carrier Ranking Systems that brokerages use to offer loads

Aged MC

Initial Investment

Could be a substantial investment depending on the market and MC records-from $25,000

Insurance rates

Insurance rates could be significantly lower in comparison to a new MC

Brokerage Rates

A good safety and hauling record of an MC authority can put carriers on the top of ranking list allowing better paying and more frequent hauls.

Over 70% of new authorities are revoked within the first year of operation. As you can see, buying an aged MC is far more beneficial for your business, since it allows you to use the history of the authority to books better loads, get better drivers, obtain more competitive insurance rates. 

We have been supplying our clients with the best authority packages for 4 years and can gladly assist you in finding an MC that fits all of your needs.

This is what is usually included in our services

  • Clean MC/DOT number with high productivity rates
  • LLC/INC registration under the existing MC/DOT number, or transition of the old LLC/INC to the client
  • An EIN number for a registered person
  • A convenient registered office setup (can be virtual) with mail forwarding services included
  • Transition of MC/DOT numbers, according to all the regulations as per the FMCSA
  • Filing BOC-3, UCR, and other necessary forms and permits
  • The best insurance support

If you are looking to bypass the red tape of operating a new authority, and already have experience in the industry, we can help you obtain a well established MC and DOT company in a state with the lowest insurance premiums.

$25.000 – $60.000

Get a veteran status with all the benefits!

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